Possession – Innate dilemma

Possession – Innate dilemma ( a story of omnipresent satan )

Salvation – The person or thing that helps us to forget our worries and be at path with our life and passion. The force that drives us to accomplish something and be a better, balanced person. That who calms and teaches is salvation.

LOCATION – Pune, India

I am salvation. and this is my story.
I am the one who is often oppressed , not because people does not know my existence, but because i am dangerous.
I am liberating and rebellious.
I am the opposite of calm.
I am oppressed , Liberate me , Free me.

I have tried to escape and accompanied by people many times but they just oppress me , just like this. How do i tell them that i am their help, they need me to set their soul free and be what they want to be.
I tried , harder and harder , but not to avail.. The Oppression Continues.

And one day , the unexpected happened.
When something bothered people. Something deep and hurtful.
When someone questioned their passion, their dreams and challenged their esteem.
So people got thoughtful , thoughtful about me, about their dreams , their goals their SALVATION.

But this was not enough to make people realize that they are the best , a wanderer with an aim, That they have a certain goal.
I was unhappy because I want more of craziness from people’s soul.
How do I help them.


This Feeling kills you. Doesn’t it ? You are stretching your arms to help the one’s you care about but they just ignore it and choose to betray their salvation.
People choose to stand out , But always something stops them.

I needed help for my liberation.
I needed light.
I needed hope.
But then I realized, I have the power.
I am my complete self.
I will literate myself and people.
I will give them a goal…
A Salvation.

People are ignorant of the aura they have, I was trying to convince everyone that they have their own existence. I am into being and it is my turn to show everyone that the world can be mean and Moksha merely an over-thinked concept.
Key to your peace and goals is with you.
Nobody is responsible but you.
No blames and no credits.

The struggle was real hard.
I had to make them believe.
To make them learn first to trust themselves.
I am the only companion you all have and you have to trust me. Blindly and solely because you are my other half.
Salvation is not something superficial.. it is beneath your skin and a part of your soul.
It is just a matter of conscience to understand this.

Not giving up and standing concrete is what i have always stood for.
I am liberation and purpose to people’s thought.
Lets move together and along to feel liberation.
To know what life has to share with us.
People ignore this and move around in the same circle of life.
Without knowing and realizing.
Come to me and i will show you all the real path.

I was in dilemma , probably anger.
How can humans be so ignorant ? I was trying to put an end to their problems which were not even linked to me.
That’s how hatred is born.
This is how disappointment evolves.

With each passing day , my anger and disappointment knew no boundaries.
I was not the one to forgotten.
Salvation , my name is the epitome of self – sufficiency.
In wrath i took up to my weapons. I will not punish them , but make them realize of their ignorance.

Freedom , oh that peace , i wish people could sense that.
To be your own master.
To be your own mentor.
When you really know you have a penchant for something and you are unstoppable.
I am salvation.
The freedom in you did you ever realize how i long to come around and be your power ?

Everything I touch, turns to the colour i am.
Turns to what i am. But Humans.. Ahhh difficult. I will show you path.
I will be with you to guide around.
I the purpose you are here.
Don’t run away.
Listen to your soul and salvation.

But then, this wrath is not me.
This is not me.
I cannot be adamant on something i have no control over.
This was suffocating.
The earth and sky, the universe, nothing could help me.