Visual Artistry


We are not just a bunch of just random photographers & videographers instead we are people who are passionate enough to feel the moment and capture the true essence of it. We don’t work day and night just to finish the job given to us instead we work because as storytellers we believe that we have the power to tell a story in a heartfelt manner.

The dream Dairy was started by Siddharth Chaudhry in Pune with 2 people in his team. Now we have an in-house creative team of over 15 people ranging from photographers cinematographers, editors, and designers. Creativity flows in the blood of every team member.Our modern taste with an authentic twist works well with all the given work.

We are storytellers who believe that creativity should not have any end and it should just flow. Creating an experience of memories is what we aim at with our vision. We will surely make your memories come alive whenever you will go through the pictures and films we have made.

Our main motive is to create an environment through our work, that can be cherished for a lifetime. It will transport you to a different world where you can realize the beauty of existence. We believe in originality and honest work which is always loved by our clients.Dream Diary is ready to give you a lifetime experience We will make sure that we turn your dream into a reality.

Visual Artistry

Our Philosophy

The study of ideas and beliefs about the meaning of life is what we aim at. And for us that is happiness. We make sure that people around us are always happy be it our clients or employees. In a world where numbers are more important than emotions, we make sure that we understand the emotions of our clients as well as employees. After all, experiencing and capturing emotion is also an art that takes a lot of hard work & most importantly empathy.

We believe in creating & experiencing magic. The serenity in our hard work gives us the spirit of achieving the impossible. The way we work is like “WATER “as it flows with all the grace and also settles comfortably in any vessel.

WellMoreover, Our young professionals are always updated with modern art and the latest trends which makes our work more Contemporary & Chicer. Be it our team or our client, our priority is and will always be creating a shared value.


Responsible for making the magic happen.

Siddharth Chaudhary


Nishad Alam

Co - Founder/Photographer

Rajiv Kumar Solanki

Senior Photographer

Divya Sharma

Creative Head

Sushrut Gaur

Sound Engineer

Shadan Khan


Javed Hassan



Visual Artistry

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